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Compatible with

Petri Dish Probes


Petri dish probes are compatible with Piuma and Chiaro nanoindentor.

Well Plate Probes


Well plate probes are compatible with Pavone, Piuma and Chiaro nanoindentors. These probes are suitable for use with 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, 384-well plates and other deep dishes.

More about probes

All our probes are pre-calibrated* and reusable force sensors compatible with the respective Optics11 Life Nanoindenters. The probes are cantilever-based with an optical-fiber interferometric readout and are manufactured at our headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Depending on the application, the spring constant of the probe can be chosen between 0.025 N/m and 50 N/m which can measure elastic modulus between 10Pa and 1GPa. The unique feature of our probes is the large cantilever bending (up to 20μm) which allows to measure stiffness values spanning up to 5 orders of magnitude with a single probe. Spherical (colloidal) glass tips mounted onto the cantilever can be chosen from 3 µm to 250 µm in radius to perform single indentations or indentation mapping at various depths/loads and resolutions.

*Please note that all probes are calibrated after manufacturing. Therefore, the calibrated stiffness and tip sizes may differ from the specified order values. Calibration specifications are: Stiffness = ± 5%, Tip radius = ± 1%.

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