Optics11 Life September 2023 Highlights

September breezed past in a whirlwind of emotions, innovations, and memorable insights.

Amidst all the excitement of conferences and corporate conventions, the zeal to zoom forward to the future of personalized therapies reigned supreme. Countless locations, sleepless nights, and a sheer passion for science kept us going for more. As we look back, we can’t help but feel proud and enlightened by all the experiences we had, the connections we made, the research we explored, and the innovations we helped bring to the forefront of the scientific community.

Keep reading this first edition of #FlashbackFriday to join us in our global adventure.

33rd Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB 2023)

Set in the idyllic town of Davos in the generally peaceful Switzerland, the ESB 2023 conference was far more disruptive. As usual, the Pavone (our flagship mechanical characterization platform) elucidated its robust applications in disease modeling and organoid development. However, we were surprised to see that the Cuore (our state-of-the-art 3D muscle contractility platform) made the biggest waves. The interest in 3D tissue culture therapies for heart failure and neuromuscular diseases has grown many folds within the past year and the Cuore was indeed guilty of making our hearts (and muscles) beat just a bit faster at ESB 2023. Massive shoutout to our experts Jakob Pyszkowski, Dr. Kanupriya Khurana, Dr. Kaveh Memarzadeh, and Raul de la Cerda Montiel for making this a success (and for passing the vibe check). 

Click here to follow the Cuore product launch at WMS 2023.

50th European Muscle Conference (EMC 2023)

Next stop, Florence, and the Cuore kept riding the massive tides it had been making in Switzerland. Armed with the functional readouts from test 3D muscle bundles, our musclemen Jakob Pyszkowski, Ramkumar Raghuraman, and Matthias Haalstra delved deep into the world of cardiac and skeletal muscle contractility.

TEDD Annual Meeting 2023

In the blink of an eye, we found ourselves on the road to Wadenswil, Switzerland to unravel the clinical applications of advanced cell culture models at the TEDD 2023. Jakob was in the spotlight with the Cuore platform as he delivered a scintillating talk on the device’s capabilities in personalized therapies. We are proud of you Jakob and yet again, the Cuore was the talk of the town.

Annual Meeting of the German Society for Biomaterials (DGBM) 2023

Mid-September, we found ourselves at the DGBM Kongress in Jena, Germany. The Pavone was back in fashion as our very own Nikolai Born and Malin Becker led the charge at this cornerstone event, pushing the limits of biomaterial science. We gained great insights on topics like surface modification technologies, biofilm formation, tissue regeneration, and more.

9th Biennial European Cell Mechanics Meeting 2023

To wrap up the month, we cruised to Marseille, France to showcase the Pavone at the CellMech 2023. It was all about mechanical biomarkers in biological systems, with Dr. Luca Bersanini and Lara Pereira leading the charge, exploring the applications of mechanical characterization in a biomedical context!

Looking forward

September 2023 has been a month of exploration, innovation, and connection for Optics11 Life. The participation in various conferences has allowed the team to showcase groundbreaking innovations, connect with like-minded professionals, and discuss the future of biomaterials, mechanobiology, and medical research. The journey through these events has paved the way for future developments and collaborations in reshaping the future of biomaterials research and patient care.

Now we look forward to an action-packed October with the launch of the all new Cuore at the WMS 2023 in South Carolina. Stay tuned to know more!

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