Published articles (2022) endorse Optics11 Life’s unique technology.

Written by Fabiany Da Costa Gonçalves and illustrated by Yashjit Gangopadhyay

  • Studies on the mechanobiology of cells, spheroids, organoids, tissues, and biomaterials are developing rapidly using our Chiaro, Piuma, and Pavone Nanoindenters.

  • Most studies have investigated diseases and new therapies in regenerative medicine. More than 400 publications have cited Optics11 Life Nanoindenters in leading scientific journals.

  • The publication rate has increased significantly since 2015. In 2022 alone, we appeared in 82 publications.

  • Check out the list of new publications from 2022 and the different applications of the Chiaro, Piuma, and Pavone Nanoindenters.

1. Cells

2. Tissues

3. Others

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