Hydrogels, Biofilms, Spheroids and many more applications were measured with our Piuma and Chiaro nanoindenters. This year alone, we were featured in 86 new publications in various scientific journals. The number of papers are projected to grow significantly each year.  

The Impact Factor (IF) are based on the 5 journals that have the highest ranking within this list.  

  1. Nature – Nature Journal IF (49.9); Nature Chemical Biology IF (15.04); Nature Communications (14.9) 
  2. Bioactive Materials (14.12) 
  3. Chemical Engineerning Journal (13.07) 
  4. Biomaterials  – IF (12.4) 
  5. Acta Biomaterialia – IF (8.9) 

Find the list of 2021 publications (Q1 Q4) to see how Piuma and Chiaro Nanoindenters were used for the categorized applications. 



Pereira, D. de M., Schumacher, M., & Habibović, P. (2021). Cobalt-containing Calcium Phosphate Induces Resorption of Biomineralized Collagen by Human Osteoclasts [Preprint]. In Review. 

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Contractile force measurements 

Cardiac Cells 

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Native Tissues 

Lawrence, E. A., Aggleton, J., van Loon, J., Godivier, J., Harniman, R., Pei, J., Nowlan, N., & Hammond, C. (2021). Exposure to hypergravity during zebrafish development alters cartilage material properties and strain distribution. Bone & Joint Research10(2), 137–148.  

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Tissue Engineering  

Liu, Z., Mo, X., Ma, F., Li, S., Wu, G., Tang, B., & Lin, L. (2021). Synthesis of carboxymethyl chitosan-strontium complex and its therapeutic effects on relieving osteoarthritis. Carbohydrate Polymers261, 117869.   

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Cancer and Tumors 

Bao, M., Chen, Y., Liu, J.-T., Bao, H., Wang, W.-B., Qi, Y.-X., & Lv, F. (2021). Extracellular matrix stiffness controls VEGF165 secretion and neuroblastoma angiogenesis via the YAP/RUNX2/SRSF1 axis. Angiogenesis 

DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) 

Hui, E., Moretti, L., Barker, T. H., & Caliari, S. R. (2021). The combined influence of viscoelasticity and adhesive cues on fibroblast spreading and focal adhesion formation. BioRxiv, 2021.02.17.430924. 

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ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix) 

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Decellularized Scaffolds 

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Decellularized Pancreas  

Decellularized Pericardium 




Tissue Engineering 


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Cells on Gels  

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Hydrogels with cells  

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Hydrogels (Cartilage and Cardiovascular) 

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Other tissues 

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Comparison of multiple types of tissues 

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Single Cells 

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Stem Cells 

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Spheroids & Organoids 


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Bioprinting -(3D) 

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