Publications with Piuma and Chiaro Nanoindenters

Mechanical properties of spheroids and other biomaterials were measured with Piuma and Chiaro Nanoindenters, and featured in 39 new publications in various scientific journals: 

Biofabrication (IF 8.2), Biomaterials (IF 10.3), Mechanics of Materials (IF 1.1), Materials Science and Engineering: C (IF 5.9), Nature Communications (IF 12.1), Experimental Mechanics (IF 2.5), Regenerative Biomaterials, Biomacromolecules (5.7), Acta Biomaterialia (IF 6.3), Tissue Engineering Part A. (IF 3.7), Advanced Healthcare Materials (IF 7.4), ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering (IF 4.5), Scientific Reports (IF 4.0), Journal of Nanobiotechnology (IF 5.2), Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces (IF 4.0), Journal of Biomechanics (IF 2.7), Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials (IF 3.4).

We are especially excited about the first two publications where Piuma Nanoindenter was used on spheroids. This pioneering work on spheroid mechanics presents protocols for mechanical characterization of spheroids by nanoindentation which can be applied to tumor and cancer research and for engineering large and modular tissues for therapeutic transplantations.

Furthermore, the publication by Dr. Manlio Tassieri, prof. Manuel Salmeron–Sanchez, Dr. Massimo Vassali and others (Centre for the Cellular Microenvironment, University of Glasgow) shows that mechanical properties of hydrogels are overestimated by up to an order of magnitude when testing by bulk rheology while nanoindentation with Chiaro at the cell’s length scale and passive-video-particle-tracking microrheology determines mechanical properties correctly. This work reconfirms that indentation is a better method for the characterization of hydrogels as it provides the relevant information on what stiffness would the cells feel. 

Check out this list of new publications (April 2020 – November 2020) to see how Nanoindentaters Piuma and Chiaro were used for different applications or contact us if you would like us to test your samples. Other publications can be found here. 


Single cells: 




Heart, kidney and liver 

Kidney, liver, sleen and uterus 

Carotid artery 

Soft palate 

Ocular tissue

Tissue engineering and 3D cell cultures: 


Coatings and films: 

Polymer substrate: 

Alternative experiments – ultrasound activation: 

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