Chiaro indenter combined with microscopy

We are very excited to share the news about the last three Chiaro indenter shipments that reached London, Marseille, and Barcelona!

The group of Dr. Thomas Iskratsch at Queen Mary University has acquired the Chiaro indenter combined with fluorescence microscope to complement force sensing techniques used in their lab such as micro and nano-patterning, FRET, magnetic tweezers and super-resolution microscopy to study mechanobiology (e.g. rigidity sensing, contractility) of cardiomyocytes and vascular smooth muscle cells. 

Another Chiaro system was installed in the IBDM imaging platform at Aix-Marseille University.  In the picture, the first users from Dr. Felix Rico group who are planning to use the indenter for viscoelastic mapping of soft biological tissues in combination with confocal microscope.

Check out Force Microscopy lab website for more information about their research or follow them on twitter: @FM4B_Lab@felix_rico,  @IBDMmarseille.

Most recently, the first Chiaro system was delivered to Spain, the group of Prof. Angel Raya at Center of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona. During installation and training provided by our application specialist, we performed static and dynamic measurements (DMA) on 3D printed hydrogels, single fibroblasts, collagen scaffolds and slices of heart tissue.

We wish all the researchers success characterizing mechanical properties of single cells, biological tissue and engineered biomaterials that will advance the research of regenerative medicine and mechanobiology!

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